Listen to the rhythm of the sleeping dog.

Martha sleeps for many, many hours each day.  She comes into my office, curls up in her crate, and I don’t hear from her until around noon.  That’s when she wakes up, stretches, and sits beside me with her thousand mile stare, telling me that it’s time to go out to walk and pick up lunch.  Sometimes, if she’s lucky, she gets a little leftover lunch – salad is a favorite – and she likes to sit with her head on my knee while I eat, looking up with great hope and occasionally drooling.

After lunch, she sleeps again.  Sharing my office with a sleeping dog is mostly wonderful.  But when she starts to snore softly, usually around 3:30 in the afternoon, it’s all I can do to keep from cuddling up next to her.   I try to listen to the rhythm of her breathing, and allow that to bring a calm focus to my work for the rest of the day.


One thought on “Listen to the rhythm of the sleeping dog.

  1. I’ve never had problem controlling my dog’s weight. I look at them and adjust intake/output accordingly. Do the same with myself, incidentally, glance at the mirror and voila, though I’m hampered now on the output with arthritis.

    I believe dogs should be wasp-waisted. As with horses, the mantra is, ribs should be felt not seen. But like many pit enthusiasts I prefer to draw mine a little finer. I deliberately put padding on both this past winter as many pit owners do. I fattened Mak up after his protracted bout with diarrhea in Jan. He was already so lean he couldn’t afford to lose. I worried. Since then I’ve left him a bit more margin.They get cold so easy! But between the swimming and caloric reduction, Mak is back to showing some lower rib. I think I’d still like to drop perhaps a pound off him.

    To see what dogs SHOULD look like check out is another very educational site with mucho myth-busting about nefarious organizations such as HSUS, ASPCA & PETA

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