What happens when you don’t have treats?

Food should not be the only motivator –

Wilde About Dogs

This blog really ought to be titled, “What happens when you make a caffeine-deficient, spur of the moment decision to take the dogs out?” My husband and I have a weekday morning routine: each of us separately takes one of the dogs somewhere. For example, my husband might take Sierra hiking in the mountains behind our house while I take Bodhi to the park to work on his dog reactivity. This way, the dogs get time away from each other, and one-on-one time with each of us. It gives us plenty of exercise, too. On alternate mornings, though, my husband gets to sleep in for an extra hour, a nice break since these outings take place before he leaves for work. Some of the alternate days turn into “days off” for the dogs where they run and play around the house but don’t get taken anywhere, but more often, I…

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